companion of truth

Mar 6

right now is all we have.


they say your mind very rarely stays in the present.

sometimes, it is wrapped in the past, flowing with memories and reminiscing for old times. in this way one remains trapped, unable to move forward. this becomes the cause of many mental illnesses, i think. depression, anxiety, an inability to live in the now and an undying thirst of bringing back what could never again be.

other times, it is enraptured by the future. what one day could be, what one may at some point become. constantly thinking of tomorrow, one fails to live in the ‘today’, and days are wasted one by one. plans are made and broken, with no intentions of performing the action in the now to get there, we lose the precious time and life that we are so generously blessed with.

i am part of the latter cohort…i make lists, i make big plans, i make goals, and they change ever constantly. be it with my health, career, faith, family, friends… i constantly think of the time “when everything will be perfect”… when i will be who i want to be. 

but really, what a shame it is.

instead of living to the highest of my potential, i stay planning for the future when i will become “that person”. day in and day out, i pine over what i could do or what i should do…and what, my mind tells me, i will eventually do one day.

and yet, one day never seems to come. and i think i’ve had just about enough of that, mind.

so today i am consciously changing my behavior to live in the present moment. set goals for today, not for years down the line. if, i believe, i live to my best potential today, and do the same tomorrow, and the day after, i will make a habit out of greatness. i will break my mind’s desire to rush towards the future and be able to so graciously live in the now. 

to be completely real about it, whatever is going to happen will…there’s not much my planning stands for other than to preoccupy my mind which then tricks my self into believing it. 

so i will make better decisions; i will be a better person. i will make choices in the moment to do what is right, what is healthy, what will advance my thinking and free my mind. i am right now, letting go of the future. i am, right now, forsaking my mind. i am, right now, admitting i have no say in what will happen tomorrow. i am, right now, accepting that all i have, is now.

i am, right now, now.

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