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Apr 16

bearing.. baring it all.

thoughts, ideas, feelings.. the most abstract aspects of our world. they are had, felt, and experienced — but unless verbalized, they remain untangible to all but one’s own conscience. yet, those very abstract, unheard, unverbalized thoughts shape every crevice of our identity. they make their way into every part of our being in such a way that they need not be said or heard; they are seen — at least, to those that dare look for them.

Apr 12


Love is a magical thing. I don’t mean magic in the usual cliche version of the word, as you may have first understood; I mean it in its quintessence. Love is magic - something out of the ordinary, causing pure awe and amazement; it is something supernatural, a possibility that is seemingly impossible.

Love is apart from desire, though many a times they are closely associated. Love may breed desire; it may stem from it - but love in itself is separate. Desire is an impulse; a drive to “have”, or touch, or feel, or be with, or experience. Desire asks to be reciprocated, but love does not. Love is free. Love is without need. Love is selfless. Love exists without requirements.

Love is apart from like, though many a times the two are mingled and confused. To love, you need not like. To like, you need not love. To like something, or someone, or someplace - is to approve of it. One likes that which brings pleasure and joy. Love need not bring anything. Love is uncontrolled. Love is unprecedented. Love loves despite good or bad. Love prevails where like may change. Love is acceptance.

Love is undefinable, though many have tried and failed despite trying, to their last breath, to put words to the wordless. Words are limited, love is not. Definitions are incomplete, unsuited for translation. Love is perfect. Love is whole. Love is without boundaries. Love is felt. 

Love is God. God is Love.

Apr 10

what a beautiful person


what a beautiful person

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Apr 8
“You meet a girl and you realize that life isn’t so scary. Because the moment your eyes met hers, you felt a moment of vulnerability. A moment of stability. The moment you gathered up enough courage to talk to her you felt lumps in your throat and the words wouldn’t come out. For the first time you were nervous. She smiled as you stuttered. She reached over and grabbed your hand then placed a crumpled piece of paper into it. Her smile made you weak in the knees. She walked away and you realized that she made you want to try. She was going to make you work for her. You told yourself she was worth it. Three years later the two of you are still together and unlike every other boy she’s been with, you keep learning about her. You studied her like a textbook. Two years later you got down on one knee and asked her to marry you. Four years later you have your family started. Your daughter asks about your first love and you don’t even hesitate. You point over to her mother and whisper ‘your mother was the first girl who ever made me nervous. She made me want to be better. I saw her and I knew I had to have her. I worked hard for her and I will continue to work for her. I’m going to spend forever loving her endlessly.’ You tuck your little girl in and kiss her goodnight. Soon enough it’s been fifty years since you’ve been married and you still look at her the way you did in high school. You’ve been together for over half a century and you still spend time getting to know her. You’ll soon memorize everything about her. The way she laughs becomes your favorite melody, the way her eyes twinkle in the sunlight becomes your favorite past time, but the way her heart beats will always be your favorite sound. True love never dies.” Boys have feelings too (via unpoeticheartbreak)

Damn son.

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Apr 7

You are, my King

"What is it that you live for?"
He asks me.
“You are, my King,”
I respond.

Sometimes it’s true;
I mean what I say.
Sometimes I do not believe it,
but I say it anyway
hoping that with repetition it will
become the truth.

"What is it that drives your actions?"
He asks me.
“You are, my King,”
I respond.

Most times I do not hesitate,
as He comes to mind without effort.
But sometimes it is a lie,
as I am driven by self and greed
— He need not know.

"What is it that matters most to you?"
He asks me.
“You are, my King,”
I respond.

And I begin to wonder.
Why is it that He questions me?
Constantly challenging,
does He doubt my devotion?
Endlessly testing,
have I not shown Him my love?
Persistently asking,
does He believe my answer is a facade?

The thought is unbearable.
It is the greatest truth I have ever told,
though sometimes I may deny it.
Despite all flaws of character,
and all failings of thought
I answer with solidarity,
and eradicate the disease of doubt.
He is the sun around which I orbit,
the most beloved of my life.

"What is it that you love?"
He asks me.
“You are, my King,”
I respond.

Mar 28


there is a fire deep within my soul,
awaiting you..
kindle it.
it yearns to awaken with rage, 
with passion, so raw.
it searches for inspiration
to engulf me
burn away all doubt and separation
creating a oneness that was
always so close
yet so far.
the fire burns ever so lightly
a flickering flame unable to be killed;
aware that once again it will rise
in all its wild, untamed glory
it will 
once again
empower the most vivid of dreams
the most consuming of spirits
the most sensual love 
this fire will no longer be contained
kindle it.

Mar 24


I honestly think people forget that the church and state are supposed to be separate. Give me one non-religious reason against same sex marriage. One non-religious reason against stem cell research. One non-religious reason against safe abortions. Go ahead.

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Mar 19
“na tu puch ke amb lene aa?” punjabis (via five-rivers)


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Mar 18

have you ever felt your heart ache?

Mar 17

allow me to be…

take me on a journey 
through the maze of your beautiful mind
hold my hand as we
enter the depths of your soul
trust me with your
deepest fear and most hidden regret
show me your most
vulnerable and fragile self 
allow me to be
your safety.

come along with me
as we enter the unknown
searching for truth
and ridding ourselves of falsehood
in conversation,
relaxed and full of hope
let us dream together, 
be free together.
allow me to be
half of your whole.

walk beside me, and guide me 
but follow when you need.
show me strength
so humble,
and ferocious love
let us find inspiration in
each others eyes
and solace in 
each others smiles,
allow me to be
your only.

har keerat hamaree rehraas.

I have this theory .. that Guru Sahib lovesss juxtaposition. And messing with our heads. I’ve already written on the sardar/sevadaar conondrum (back in the kaurstyle days: …and discussed many more seemingly opposite asks- miri-piri, sant-sipahi, etc etc. Perhaps one of the most obvious (and still most challenging) is the idea of an ‘moh-less’ grihast jeevan. That is; to live a socially, politically and interpersonally involved life while remaining above attachment, greed, ego, mayaa, and all that icky stuff that comes along with it. Crazy man…and yet Maharaaj was all like “nbd, challenge accepted”… and then challenged us to it too. Whattaguy.

Anyways. As we go on about our daily lives, often times passing hours upon hours staring at a screen, lost in spreadsheets and meetings and social media, time slips away. In my little world, the past few months have been invested in figuring out ‘what to do with life’…career, academics, and all that jazz. It’s been rough and I can’t truly say that I’ve found an exact answer. For some reason, this desire to do something meaningful and become something “great” nags at the corners of my mind; maybe it’s an embedded desire stemming from personal/familial expectations, or maybe it’s an innate desire for fulfillment, for purpose…

So like, Maharaaj must have seen my struggle because Rehraas Sahib kept coming up in my head. Wasn’t sure why, but I went along with it thinking hey what the heck, it’s about time I improve my nitnem habits (lol).

Reh-raas: there’s a couple of literal meanings that I’ve found of the word, but they basically all converged on this idea of a “reet” or “maryada” ie) daily actions/tradition, your daily routine or work. Professor Sahib Singh defined rehraas as:

ਰਹਰਾਸਿ = ਰਾਹ ਦੀ ਰਾਸਿ, ਜ਼ਿੰਦਗੀ ਦੇ ਸਫ਼ਰ ਵਾਸਤੇ ਖ਼ਰਚੀ।੧। | ie) capital/wealth for life’s path; life’s occupation

Ain’t that something. Our Gurus were teachers, leaders, architects, politicians, healers, poets, travellers, singers, swordsmen. They built empires, lead armies, wrote poetry and healed the helpless. Yet despite all that — their rehraas, their occupation, their daily task, their ONLY earning - was praise of Akaal Purakh. har keerat hamaraee rehraas

And that, right there, is the only true route to success that exists in our world.

It’s not really a new find; but it’s a nice little refresher. Brought a smile to my face and a little ease to my mind; after all, the ‘lahaa’ (profit) that we’re put on earth for is much greater than monetary wealth, temporary fame, or material gain.. and our only task, the only way to do anything worthwhile in this world — kal mehi eho punn, gun govind gaae — is to dedicate one’s mind, one’s life to His praise.

Now how we live, breathe, act, talk, and function all as part of such praise - that is up to us. And that is a blog post for another day :)


Mar 16


Damn. Only a little over a month left in the good ole Deep South.. cannot believe how fast time has flown. NEVER thought I would ever be found in this corner of the States but it has truly been a learning experience, professionally AND personally. Just goes to show that all plans are truly in the hands of Maharaaj.. we just pretend to make our own! Curious/excited to see what is in store next. 

Mar 12

it’s overwhelming.

deafening, pin drop silence

in which

all thoughts coalesce 

causing a noise so loud

that it becomes


a silence,

in which all 

becomes none

a silence

so lonely, so honest

bringing forth the truth 

that you are

completely alone

born into madness

awaiting death

seeking fulfillment

and love

and connection

but finding 



utter silence.

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